Organizing Services

I’ve been a professional organizer in Los Angeles since 2002, specializing in Home, Office, Closet, Move-In, Move-Out, Garage, Storage, Kid’s rooms and Kitchen organization.  I also am a certified Virtual Organizer with extensive experience organizing remotely.  

Working together
I will never coerce you into making decisions but instead will continue to help you find your own voice and intent; I will maintain complete confidentiality.

Gaining focus; making choices; cultivating patience and confidence within yourself.  I will help you to acquire skills and give you practical ideas and resources to keep moving forward while also learning how to uphold the work we have accomplished.

Creating living and work spaces that work for you and your family

I am a longtime member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) and am in Golden Circle, in recognition of an elevated level and duration of experience and expertise in Professional Organizing. 

For many years, I have been part of ICD (The Institute for Challenging Disorganization) and have cultivated an extensive background both through study and working with clients who contend with Chronic Disorganization/Clutter Disorder (CD) and/or ADHD, all of which can make decluttering extra challenging.

Client Comments

“It was so satisfying to break through in ways I hadn’t before; it was life changing.”  –  E.P.

“The organizing provides clarity; being in focus.”  – G.M.

“I have had a lot of anxiety and stress about my clutter that kept me very stuck, but I was able to move past that in my sessions with Joanie.” – M.L.

“I am finally moving forward in this journey of decluttering.” – S.B.

Creating a Crafts Closet

Sorting and Emptying a Storage Unit

VIRTUAL Organizing

As well as having done onsite organizing for many years, I also work virtually. I am certified as a Virtual Organizer having participated in an extensive training program and passed a comprehensive exam. 

As time usage and technology have been changing in the society, Virtual Organizing is emerging as a convenient and effective alternative to onsite organizing and can open the door to new possibilities.


Practically speaking, Virtual Organizing is available to clients who live or work at any geographic distance from the organizer. On an individual level, some clients may initially feel self-conscious to have a new person come directly into their home and therefore actually delay hiring an organizer. Virtual Organizing can resolve that as the work is done remotely on a screen – only focusing on a particular area in the space – and the client may then feel more at ease to begin working with an organizer. In times of obstacles or disruptions – e.g. weather, road repairs, family obligations or in wider circumstances (such as the recent Covid pandemic) – Virtual Organizing can continue, uninterrupted, even as surrounding events continue to change.


Virtual organizing is done with screen communication between the client and me – on Facetime or Zoom. This format lends itself to reinforced focus and concentration onto the organizing project at hand through attention to one area only and repetition of activity.  Using this method, a client often experiences a new awareness and confidence in how to approach a task, knowing that they can do it!!


The individual work sessions are deliberately structured to be short because of the different format (screen rather than onsite) to reinforce both stamina and enthusiasm and decrease overwhelm.  The brevity also provides more flexibility in scheduling which accommodates clients’ planning. These, coupled with less financial outlay at each session (because they’re shorter), means work can occur more frequently and consistently. Continuity is maintained which is crucial to making enduring progress. 


Because of the virtual format and the shorter sessions, I will be journaling our work at each session – process, progress, insights, accomplishments, challenges and ongoing intentions – all of which I will share with you and also provide ongoing email or phone support and suggestions between sessions.

Doing either Onsite or Virtual Organizing, we will work together in a dynamic, vitalized and comfortable situation with the client being able to sustain and increase their motivation while acquiring skills and confidence and seeing the work steadily move forward.

Working Onsite or Virtually.... You can reclaim your space.