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Since 2002

Hello! Welcome to Gentle Organizing!

Together, we can transform your space
into an open, restorative, functional environment

Do you need a Professional Organizer?

Have you been wanting to organize your closet? garage? kitchen? studio?
Have you made repeated efforts to organize your personal space(s) but have not been able to do it?
Do you not know where/how to start?
Can’t find things? Buy the same thing twice? Pay bills late? Overwhelmed by the mail?
Your home office & papers?…. don’t want to even think about it?…..
Do you feel overwhelmed by your possessions?
Are you wanting to downsize? But can’t let go of things?
Is there one area of concern or a particular event that needs some in-house prep?

Are there recent circumstances in your life that require change? An illness? A loss?

A new member of your household?  A new job or project?

Do you feel inhibited from inviting friends or family into your home?

Do you have particular challenges that can impede being able to effectively approach organizing? 

ADHD? CD (Chronic Disorganization/Clutter Disorder)? Dyslexia?

What is Gentle Organizing?

In a safe, comfortable, supportive atmosphere, we will work together…clarifying your goals and taking action, enabling you to delve into whatever has been accumulating around your house and/or obstructing your process.

We will organize your home effectively and efficiently, implementing systems that are logical and useful to you and easy for you to maintain. We will move forward to fulfill your aspirations for an organized, functional, inspiring home.

I’ve been a professional organizer in Los Angeles since 2002, specializing in Home, Office, Closet, Move-In, Move-Out, Garage, Storage, Kid’s rooms and Kitchen organization.

I am a longtime member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals and am in Golden Circle, in recognition of an expertise in Professional Organizing.

Gentle Solutions for Your Home or Space

I will be respectful of you and your possessions and of your process. I will be compassionate, patient and non-judgmental as work progresses.

Virtual Organizing

As well as having done onsite organizing for many years, I also work virtually. I am certified as a Virtual Organizer having participated in an extensive training program and passed a comprehensive exam.  As time usage and technology have been changing in the society, Virtual Organizing is emerging as a convenient and effective alternative to onsite organizing and can open the door to new possibilities.

Organizing Testimonials

“It was so satisfying to break through in ways I hadn’t before; it was life changing.”  –  E.P.

“The organizing provides clarity; being in focus.”  – G.M.

“I have had a lot of anxiety and stress about my clutter that kept me very stuck, but I was able to move past that in my sessions with Joanie.” – M.L.

“I am finally moving forward in this journey of decluttering.” – S.B.

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